Training workshop in reflective learning at Pantang Nurses Training Collage

Development of the nursing profession is an essential goal of nursing education. One way to reach the goal is by clarifying professional status, a status which for the most part is transferred through tacit knowledge. The goals of any nursing education do not include the entire body of tacit knowledge. The development requires recognition of professional status and learning from experience.

Reflective practice and learning should be important in just about anything you want to do well. It is the opportunity to look over what you have done, see what needs to be improved and what worked well. Make a record of what went well (at least a mental one) and look for ways to improve the things that need to go better. CAMHA recognised the need for continuing training, education and professional development for health professionals, student nurses and mental health nurses in Ghana.

CAHMA (formerly Volunteer Nurses Ghana), in May 2010 held a training workshop on Learning through Reflection and Reflective Practice for the students at Pantang Nurses Training. There ware six sessions and about 750 students participants attended the programme. The aim looked addressing various ways of learning from experience and making sure those mistakes and untoward incidents are not repeated.

Being a new topic area for the acting principal of the school Mrs Kate Segos and her team of tutors had initial session with facilitator to ascertain the importance and benefits of the topic area to the students. They well very impressed after their session and recommended it for the entire student population. (First, second and third year’s). As a result a day event has to extend for two.

The students were impressed and participated fully. They gave positive feedback from the students and the tutors. There were suggestions for such workshops including clinical updates in the future.