What we're all about

Care & Action in Mental Health for Africa (CAMHA) is a Health Care Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Ghana and formed principally by groups of Nurses (Mental Health and General). Our focus is to help improve the mental healthcare in Ghana through health education and provision of crisis intervention to acute mentally disturbed persons.

The organization is also involved in activities in health promotion.

Our Vision

To establish crisis response team to cater for acute mentally disturbed persons in communities.

To form youth clubs in schools to champion a healthy lifestyle among the youth in order to reduce drug addiction among the youth.

To create awareness on causes and prevention of mental illness.

To help to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and to encourage families to accept treated patients back in their community and their work places. CAMHA  will be working with other institutions, NGOs, Donor agencies to enhance the achievement of this vision.

To create an opportunity for nurses and other healthcare professionals to gain further experience by participating in health related exchange programmes abroad.

Our Aims

  • Educating, supporting and improving mental health care system in Ghana and across Africa.
  • To create awareness on mental health and causes and preventions.
  • To participate in other voluntary activities in promoting quality health care.
  • Facilitation of seminars regarding management of mental health patients.
  • International exchange programmes for nursing institutions and staff of the three Mental Health hospitals in the country.
  • To establish crisis response team to manage acute mentally disturbed persons in various communities.

Where do we operate

We will be operating within Greater Accra and Eastern Regions of Ghana. We are hoping to extend our operations throughout the country and across Africa in the foreseeable future.