Report on clinical update and continuous professional development for 60 trained nurses at Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital from 22nd to 26th April 2013

Volunteer nurses Ghana was formed in 2001 in Ghana by nurses. The aim is to support, educate the youth and the general public on causes and prevention of mental health. Between 2003 and 2004 most of its members including the founder Ebenezer Akonnor Fianko, migrated to the UK in search for better working condition and career development. The group came together in 2009 and has since been visiting Ghana twice a year organising workshops for nurse working in the three psychiatric hospitals in Ghana. Some of the topics includes; Effective Communication and Teamwork ,Risk Assessment and Management ,Physical care of Psychiatric patients, Effective Documentation and Report Writing ,Management of Aggression and Violence and Care of the patient in the community. The training programmes included current research on effective management of people with enduring mental health problems. Our effort has demonstrated a clear service improvement in the health institutions visited. There are documentary evidence in this website for your information.

Realising our effort and the service we provide as well as our future prospects we have changed the name from Volunteer nurses Ghana to CARE & ACTION in MENTAL HEALTH for AFRICA (CAHMA)

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